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Prevent Your Sydney Home From Termites With a Regular Inspection

When it comes to stopping termites from causing substantial damage to your house, a regular termite inspection is the most effective method.

Your home is your biggest asset and unfortunately, it can also be a major food source for these unwanted visitors. Termites can cause considerable damage to property resulting in stress and financial losses. It stems from the fact that termites have a ferocious appetite for timber, paper, furniture and all other products that contain cellulose.

While every third house in Sydney has been effected by termites at some stage, it is worth while to remember. When your home is checked by an expert regularly, termites will be found before significant damage is done.


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Extensive damage caused by termites to bathroom timber stud wall.

termite damage termite inspection

Extensive damage caused by termites to roof timbers.

termite damage termite inspection

Termites building galleries and gaining access into floorboards.

termite damage termite inspection

Termite damage causing structural roof timber to collapse under its own weight.

termite damage termite inspection

Why Regular Termite Inspections Are Crucial

Hot, humid climatic conditions and the large amount of timber the building industry continues to use in constructing Sydney homes, is the right combination for termite attacks.

It is not easy detect termites, as the infestation is likely to occur in inaccessible timbers of the house. The damage can go unnoticed as termites destroy the integrity of timber from the inside out. Everything on the surface may look normal, but on application of pressure the timber crumbles and  disintegrates.  A coat of paint may be the only thing holding it up.

Known also as white ants, termites have a reputation as the most destructive insect pest in Australia. They are capable of causing large amounts of damage in a very short period of time. Regular termite inspections significantly reduces the chance of termites establishing themselves within your property, therefore extensive damage can be avoided.

Images as above, show examples of termite attacks and damage in houses throughout various Sydney suburbs. The one thing in common in all of these homes was,  none of them was checked for termites regularly.

Termite inspections are the foundation to an effective termite management program. It is also the essential component in understanding the construction style, accessibility, landscaping and climatic conditions within the building. All these elements are critical, not only for termites establishing themselves, but also in deciding on the most appropriate treatment that should be undertaken.

Termite inspections should be carried out at least on an annual basis, that is if your property is at low risk to a termite attack. Unfortunately the majority of Sydney houses are at moderate to high risk. If your house falls into this category 6 monthly termite inspections are recommended. There are also many other reasons that can influence the frequency at which termite inspections should be carried out.  Some of them are: location, previous termite history and age of the building. In many Sydney homes 3 monthly termite inspections are not uncommon.

Finding termite colonies is not easy. This is because termites shy away from open and well ventilated spaces. Termites build tunnels and prefer dark, moist and obscure areas where there is little human activity. In fact, termites construct their nests below the ground, in trees and stumps. Sometimes termites will choose to build their nest in the roof or under the floor of your house. It is important that all these areas are thoroughly inspected. Depending on the size of the property, a termite inspection will take approximately 2 hours. It is also important to note the person carrying out your termite inspections has the knowledge, experience and the right equipment for the job.

At Pestworks we are team of qualified professionals who have a wealth of experience in Termite Inspections and Termite Management. In 28 years of experience we have acquired a deep knowledge and understanding in how to effectively protect Sydney homes from the devastating damage termites can cause.


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