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Termite Control Services In Sydney

Termites can destroy all timbers in your house. Don’t risk it, we can stop termites from causing damage, and protect what is one of your biggest assets, your home. For peace of mind call us now.

Avoid Extensive Termite Damage

Termite infestation is likely to establish itself in concealed structural timber of the house, and it can go on unnoticed until visible signs appear. Left untreated extensive termite damage can occur in a remarkably short period of time. Often when the home owner discovers termites the damage is already done, and expensive termite control measures and repairs will need to be undertaken.

Surprisingly not many home owners realise that expensive termite damage repairs can be easily avoided by simply having a termite inspection carried out regularly.

 Termite Control Consists Of Three Aspects

Before any treatment is undertaken it is crucial to carry out a full termite inspection. This is because successful termite control is dependent on several very important factors:

Proper identification of the termite specie that is causing the infestation. Species-specific treatment, certain termite control methods and products are not equally effective on all termite species. Appropriate choice of treatment type, according to environmental and structural conditions. Complete eradication of colonies with more than one nest.

There are two different termite control methods. Soil barrier treatment where the perimeter of the foundations of a house is treated by chemicals.

Termite baiting system where termite feeding habits are exploited. The workers share what they have found with the other colony members. When offered bait, workers inadvertently pass it to the rest of the colony, thereby killing them.

When termite control is attempted by an inexperienced individual it will not only be ineffective but also it will result in termites changing location. When that happens termites are likely to remain out of sight, continue causing damage until the problem becomes visible and costly to rectify.

When you own a home termite prevention should be on top of the list of all priorities.

Termites feed on wood, remove all not needed wood from around your house and garden. Keep your garden beds at least 1 meter away from external house walls as termite are drawn to. Termites look for moisture and with this in mind make sure your down pipes are not blocked and taps are not leaking. Eliminate all the damp areas from within and around your house.


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