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Spider Control in Sydney

Pestworks spider control Sydney offers lasting and affordable solutions throughout the entire Sydney metro area.

Spiders are one of those pests that instil fear in the hearts of many and it is for good reason. Spiders don’t only look frightening, but they can bite and some are very dangerous. There are around 2000 spider species in Australia. Most of them feed on flies, moths, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Spiders are hunters. Some species capture and disable their meal by wrapping them up in a silky web. Others use fangs to inject venom and paralyse their prey. When threatened, in danger, or frightened, spiders can bite. Although not all spiders are poisonous to humans, most people are terrified of them, yet barely a handful are considered to be dangerous. However, if bitten you should always seek immediate medical attention. Spider control can prevent this from happening.


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Dangerous and deadly spider species found in Sydney

The (Sydney) funnel web spider grows up to 5cm long. The females mostly stay inside their burrows waiting for prey to come to them. The males wander around, mainly at night. They can survive up to 24 hours under water. The funnel web spider is very aggressive, with deadly venom. It is known to attach itself to its victim whilst biting repeatedly.
The female adult red back spider is easily recognised by the red stripe on her black back and can grow up to 10mm long. Red back spiders build messy looking webs usually around plant pots, down pipes, stored boxes and any other goods left unmoved for a longer period of time. Red back spider bites can make a human very sick and are also known to be fatal.
The white-tail spider does not make a home. It lives in wardrobes, clothing, linen cabinets and in shoes. But also in the garden, under rocks and leaves. They hunt their prey, usually other spiders. A bite is highly unpleasant but, normally the symptoms are mild and will resolve over time.

Poisonous spider species found in Sydney

The wolf spider can be grow up to 35mm. It lives alone, mostly homeless, but some build burrows to live in. They like to wander around gardens, bush lands and can be found coastal and inland. The wolf spider is a nocturnal hunter with its 8 eyes providing excellent eyesight. It is not aggressive but, when provoked, the bite could be dangerous.
Mouse spiders often get mistaken for funnel webs. They grow up to 3cm and live in burrow-like holes with a trapdoor. The female usually stays inside waiting for prey, mainly insects. The males wander in search of a mate. The venom is similar to the funnel web spider’s but not as aggressive and when they bite their venom is often not injected.
The black house spider lives inside and outside. Inside it likes to sit in places where the light attracts prey. It builds messy and chaotic-looking webs that somewhat resemble a triangular shape. It is also equipped with a funnel-like hideaway where the spider resides most of the time waiting for prey. The female spends her entire lifetime in the web, coming out only at night to repair and mend it.

Low risk and friendly spider species found in Sydney

The brown trapdoor spider is often mistaken for the funnel web spider, but their bites are not dangerous. It lives in a silk lined open burrow in the ground. This burrow is approximately 25mm wide, but can reach 25cm in depth. The trapdoor spider spends most time inside. At night it will wait for food just outside the burrow. The males will wander on humid days looking for a mate.
The Huntsman spider has long legs, positioned on the side of its body, which makes it look crab like. It does not build webs but hunts for insects. It wanders into homes and can be found walking on walls and ceilings. It is fast and can jump, is peaceful but, when provoked it can attack and bite. When picked up it can ‘cling on’. The bite can be painful, but the venom is not harmful to humans.
The garden orb weaving spider is a peaceful spider, often found in gardens in summer. When in danger it will drop to the ground and ‘play dead’. It spins big circular webs of 2 meters or more. Can be helpful by catching flies and mosquitoes. Their bite is not dangerous to humans but may induce mild discomfort.


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