Residential Pest Control Services Sydney

When You Have Residential Pest Control Problems

Pestworks specialises in residential pest control. There is no other place like your home. It’s a special place where you retreat, relax and feel secure.

Pests invading your space can be very distressing, however finding the right people to get rid of them can be annoying, stressful and daunting.

As a home owner, tradesmen and other service providers often come to your house to carry out repairs, maintenance or other work. We know many of them do a very good job, but how often have you been left feeling disappointed, let down and uncertain about the final results?

How often have you been kept waiting, paid more than you were expecting and how much time have you spent putting your house back in order after they have left?

 What To Expect From Our Residential Pest Control Services

Your house is your castle. At Pestworks we treat it as such. We will come, perform any residential pest control service and go, with a minimum of fuss and disruption to your family routine. We will not charge you more for the work than quoted. We are punctual, and will return if pests should come back. We use products that are safe for your family and pets and you will not have to leave during or after our treatment.


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