Pestworks pre construction termite control

Pre Construction Termite Control

Pre construction termite control will save you from potential termite problems that can be not only stressful but also very expensive. Every year, hundreds of Sydney home owners discover thousands of dollars worth of termite damage has been done to their homes right under their noses. This can be very distressing and costly. Surprisingly, few realise that termite damage could have been prevented simply by investing in termite control before their home was even built. Many home owners and surprisingly builders believe that the concrete slab will provide protection against termites by itself. It is true to certain extent, however sometimes foundations can shift causing cracks in the concrete slab.

Excessive landscaping, moisture and many other factors can provide termites with the perfect opportunity to infest all structural timbers in the house. The most cost effective ways to protect a new home from termites is to start before and during the construction phase of the project. It is always easier and less expensive to install appropriate termite preventative and monitoring devices while the building is being constructed rather than afterwards. At Pestworks, our trained termite control specialists can give you peace of mind by choosing and installing the most appropriate termite management system for your house before it is even completed.


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