When it comes to your home, there is nothing worse then when you have to share it with cockroaches.

Your home is your castle, it is the place where you want to unwind, relax and suddenly you don’t. When you switch on the light in the kitchen and see cockroaches scurrying away on the floor it can make you feel like your home is not your own any more.

Everything You Need to Know About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the oldest species alive today. Having seen the rise and fall of dinosaurs and at least one ice-age, they certainly know how to survive. While cockroaches are difficult to get rid of, what’s worth remembering is that only a proper cockroach control method can help to discard of these unwonted room mates. But how is that done and how did they get there in the first place?

Why do cockroaches like your home?

Cockroaches prefer warm, humid conditions, and areas where there is food readily available. They favor sweet, starchy foods, but being an insect species that has survived for somewhere around 300 million years, cockroaches will eat almost anything. Beside having abundance of food, most homes are very attractive to cockroaches simply because of being worm and having countless amount of areas where they can hide.

Cockroaches get in through open windows, gaps under the doors and even the smallest cracks or holes in the building structure. Once inside, cockroaches will find a warm and moist area and start multiplying. This is the reason why they favoured place to shelter is around the kitchen and bathroom. Attics, roof spaces, and under floor areas are also great breeding and hiding areas.

Why should you act fast?

While just having cockroaches around is enough to call in a cockroach control service, there are many other good reasons to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Cockroaches are disgusting, they live is sewers, eat rotted foods, garbage and then crawl all over kitchen counters and floors. But more importantly, cockroaches are a source of bacteria that can cause serious health problems.

Cockroaches breed rapidly, with each female laying one egg protective capsule, every 10 days that contains between 16 and 24 eggs. These egg cases and then little cockroaches are often found first, before the adults are noticed.  It is very clear now how a single cockroach can quickly lead to a major infestation.

Dealing with cockroaches

Cockroaches are not easy to get rid of because their capsule shell provides a robust protection for the eggs.  This is to make sure all the eggs hatch and keep on continue to reproduce. Cockroaches can survive for up to a month without food, and so dealing with them effectively can be challenging and it requires an organized strategy.

Cockroach control needs to cover all aspects of their life cycle to effectively remove them, beginning with removing the habitat that attracted them, and then a prolonged approach to ensuring they do not return. This means effective treatment application using the latest products.

In addition, ensuring pet food is kept indoors, fixing any foundation cracks or other small defects, using screens or keeping windows shut, and ensuring rubbish is secured in bags can help cockroach control and see an effective outcome.


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