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Cockroach Control In Sydney

Cockroaches are common household pests and if they are becoming a problem in your home or office call us today. We offer affordable, efficient and guaranteed cockroach control services carried out in professional, skilful and safe manner .

Why DIY Cockroach Treatment Can Fail

Cockroaches are difficult to control because they are resilient, can regenerate quickly and have the ability to survive in any environment. Cockroaches are persistent breeders and can adapt to any surroundings with ease. Products commonly available in supermarkets are inferior quality and often are used incorrectly, carelessly and hastily.

What makes cockroach control successful is the right product, knowledge, experience, and proper application.

At Pestworks we have extensive experience in cockroach control and removal. Prior to work commence we will carry out an inspection in order to determine what cockroach species you may have, which is critical in deciding on the appropriate treatment that should be undertaken. Our cockroach control treatments are environmentally friendly, non-irritant and odourless, and there is no need to empty your kitchen cupboards.

  • Cockroaches can feed on just about anything and everything
  • Some species have been known to live up to 6 weeks without a meal
  • Cockroaches have been around since before dinosaurs some 300 million years ago
  • Decapitated cockroaches can live up to 14 days
  • Some cockroach species can grow 4 inches long and can be kept as pets
  • They can reach speeds of up to 80cm/sec and easily turn 180 degrees at full speed
  • German cockroaches have up to 40 eggs in a single egg case every month
  • They can squeeze into tiny cracks and crevices and prefer wet dark places.

Cockroaches are common household pest. They come out at night, live in groups, and prefer warm, dark environment where there is moisture and food readily available . Cockroaches are scavengers, they feed on anything from rotting garbage to a smudge of grease left behind on your kitchen bench top. They thrive on spillages, sewage, paper, animal faeces, wood, leather, glue, and any decaying organic product.

Cockroaches are considered to be one of the hardiest critters on earth. This resilience and adaptability to almost any environment is what makes cockroach control a home owner’s nightmare. Cockroaches are repulsive, their droppings and regurgitation can contaminate food that is meant for human consumption. Cockroaches are well known to carry salmonella and other bacteria, that can lead to serious illnesses.


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