Everything You Should Know About Cockroaches

When it comes to your home, there is nothing worse then being forced to share it with pests. Your home is your castle, it is the place you want to unwind, relax and feel secure, and suddenly you don’t. Switching on the light in the kitchen and seeing cockroaches scurrying away on the floor can make you feel like your home is not your own any more. Cockroaches are one of the oldest species alive today. Having [...]

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All You Should Know About Termite Inspection Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is a great adventure, a journey that involves your whole family. But to ensure that journey has no nasty surprises, it needs to be determined if the new home is everything you want it to be, that is checking if there is no hidden problems. While we all remember to check that the air conditioning and other systems work properly, the most commonly overlooked source of potential headache is forgetting about a termite inspection. If you [...]

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When Was The Last Time You Had a Termite Inspection?

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to take a good hard look at your wooden deck and veranda. Visibly it may appear to be in a good condition however, having been exposed to weather and nature for an extended period of time it may be harboring some unwanted guests. This may have caused concealed damage to your main entertainment area placing your family and friends in considerable risk of accidental injury. Termite damage showed on this photograph [...]

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How to Get Rid of Dangerous Spiders

Spiders are one of these critters that people tend to fear most. Whether this is because spiders are largely misunderstood, or because some of them just look scary is largely unknown. The fact is spiders are well known to cause anxiety in residents when found indoors. Their presence at home is a worry sign for people at large. More so for those who have a spider phobia. Spiders suddenly appear to be a lot more noticeable in the warmer [...]

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When Is The Best Time To Carry Out Your Pest Control?

We are often asked this question by our customers. It doesn’t matter whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring. Pests can be present in your home at any time of the year. The important thing to know is that different pests became more or less active and visible during different seasons. Understanding their habits and the time of the year when pests choose to infest your home is the cornerstone for a pest control treatment plan that will [...]

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