Borer Control in Sydney

What most people do not know is the significant damage that is caused by borers can be minimised with borer control and even avoided with the right preventive measures in place. As tiny as they may be, they are a major pest that causes significant damage in homes all over Sydney each year.

The damage caused by borers, although not as extensive as that of termites, can affect your skirting boards, roof trusses, flooring and your wooden furniture. Borers are attracted to timber in dark, quiet, unventilated areas where there is usually very little or no human activity such as basements or floorboards.

It is very tough to catch a borer infestation at its beginning, however upon close inspection you are able to see small pin-like holes in your floors. These are usually 1mm wide and are known as flight holes from which the adult borer flies out into the open and starts attacking your furniture.


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Other signs that you may have an infestation and in need of borer control, include a buildup of fine powder on your surfaces. In extreme infestation cases, an infested floorboard may suddenly collapse under the pressure of a heavy cabinet. Infested floorboards usually feel soft under your foot and may even give way if you step too hard.

There are up to seven known species of wood-boring insects in Sydney that might attack the timbers of your home or other buildings. If you are looking for proper borer control, only a licensed pest and building inspector will have the needed knowledge and skill to identify the borer that is infesting your home. This is essential to getting rid of the infestation as every borer species has its appropriate treatment to get it under control.


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