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Bee Control in Sydney

In Sydney Bee Control, the feral European honey bees is most common to invade homes and gardens. They live in tree hollows often depriving native animals and birds from their habitat.
Feral European honey bee numbers have increased dramatically in recent years, and in Australia they are suspected of disrupting the natural pollination process. Feral European honey bees usually become a problem in spring when the new queen bee is encouraged by warmer temperatures to leave the main hive with an entourage of young bees in search of a new suitable location.
During the warmer time of the year large swarms are commonly seen around our gardens, hanging off tree branches, attached to roofs, and flying in and out from chimneys. They utilize holes in brickwork and eaves, air vents, gaps under roof tiles and windows to enter wall and roof cavities for nesting purposes. When an appropriate site is found these bees may choose to stay permanently.
A sting from feral European honey bees will cause redness, discomfort and swelling to most people. In some cases a severe allergic reaction, when left untreated, may result in hospitalisation and can even be fatal.


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