…there are many problematic pests, but there is something about bed bugs that makes them especially distressing.

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Coping with bed bugs

Bed bugs are on the rise due to an increase in global travel. Hot weather in crowded cities also plays a role and shortens the reproductive cycle of bed bugs. If you are a homeowner or backpacker, you may experience allergies, insomnia, and itching. If you are the owner of a hotel, you may experience a rise in complaints. There is also the added expense of replacing carpets and furnishings that have been ruined.

Educating yourself about bed bugs is useful, so you can avoid bringing them into your home or business. We also show you how to spot an infestation quickly and how to avoid bed bug bites.

Symptoms and signs of bed bugs

You may find live bugs around mattresses and mattress seams, and bedroom furniture. Examine areas such as carpets and carpet edges, around curtains and picture frames, and behind electrical outlets. Evidence of eggs and skin casings will confirm your findings. An absence of live bugs doesn’t mean you are free of these pests. Their small size and secretive nature just make them harder to detect.

If you are a manager, your housekeeping staff are an asset. Train them to identify bed bugs. Never try to treat an infestation yourself. Poor management can spread bugs further throughout the building.

Some people describe the smell of bed bugs as musty or sickly sweet. The unpleasant odour is caused by bed bug pheromones. Strong odours may indicate a large infestation.

Bed bug droppings are signs of an infestation. Check for dark or reddish spots around mattresses, headboards and other furnishings. These are from bed bugs excreting digested blood after feeding.


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