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Bed Bug Control in Sydney

Is there there something biting you at night? We proved discreet, efficient and affordable bed bug control services in all suburbs.

It is not easy to detect bed bugs, especially when you are unaware of their presence. Bed bugs are usually active at night while you are asleep. Their bites resemble welts, and that is the reason why bed bugs are often mistaken for mosquito bites.

Bed bugs live in and crevices of bed frames, bed heads, mattress seams, curtains, carpets, bed side tables and where you would spend a lot of time sitting down, such as lounges and armchairs. They live in close proximity to their host so it is easy to emerge from their hiding places to have a blood meal. This happens usually just before dawn.

Being bitten at night, noticing tiny spots of blood on bed sheets and sighting apple seed like insects on your bed are the very first signs of a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are not known to spread disease, their bites are painless, however some people may develop an allergic reaction, this can present as reddish, swollen hives and itchiness.


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Where will you find bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a wide spread and a common problem in Sydney. They can be found in households and throughout the hotel industry, including backpackers and aged care residences. Although they are prevalent in budget accommodation, upmarket hotels are not immune either. The sharp increase in tourism and a ban of organochlorines used for bedbug control, has strongly contributed to their resurgence. Bed bugs may be introduced to your home whilst staying overnight in already infested premises. They can be brought in with second hand furniture. They can also travel in people’s luggage, on their clothing and can easily be picked up on public transport. Once they find a happy home, it can be quite a task to eradicate them. Call today to find out more about our bedbug control and how we can help you rest easily.


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