Andrew Adler Termite Specialist

About Us

Pestworks Net Australia, known as Pestworks was established by Andrew Adler in 1991. Andrew is passionate about protecting Sydney’s homes and businesses from the adverse effects that pests can have.

Today our customer base has grown to include both residential and commercial, as well as government and corporate clients. Operating for over 28 years in the entire Sydney Metropolitan area our contribution speaks volumes about us and our expertise.

Over the years our approach to pest control has earned us respect among customers and competitors alike. Right from booking your service appointment to having the job done, we ensure that the process is smooth and without inconvenience.

Pestworks is a fully licensed and accredited pest control company. Our staff are extensively trained not only to be knowledgeable, but also to service your requests courteously and promptly.

At Pestworks we always endeavour to assist our customers within the shortest time possible, ensuring our customers are fully satisfied with the service before we leave. We offer a wide range of pest control services, use modern products and the latest equipment. All pest control solutions we provide are environmentally friendly and we only use safe and non-irritant products.

Our work is carried out with integrity, and in a professional and friendly manner. Having operated for all these years we are well acquainted with the Sydney, its urban environment and the most common pest problems that can be found throughout the suburbs.


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