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Pestworks is a family run business located in Sydney. We have provided safe, effective and affordable pest control solutions to home and business owners throughout the entire Sydney metropolitan area for 23 years now. We hold all the necessary licences, insurance and provide well-organised, precise and methodical, yet personal service. We schedule appointments to suit your busy lifestyle, always arrive on time and offer a service warranty.

We specialise in:


We also provide pest control and pest removal services in residential and commercial premises, for all the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Birds
  • Borers
  • Bees

  • Carpet Beetles
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas 
  • Mites 
  • Possums

  • Rats & Mice
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • Wasps

Why do we need pest control in Sydney?

There are many reasons why. Pests can be more than just a nuisance, they can damage our homes, gardens and businesses, contaminate food,

and most importantly have an adverse effect on our health and well-being.

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The most cost effective way to stop termites causing extensive damage is to have a regular inspection.

At Pestworks:

We understand that finding the right pest control company may not only be confusing, time consuming and inconvenient but it can also be expensive. It is not uncommon to be let down by service providers turning up late, changing the quoted price after commencing work or not showing up at all. Receiving conflicting information especially when it comes to pricing, products, termites and various control methods is common and can be frustrating.

We are proud to offer non-irritant and environmentally friendly pest control for allergic and sensitive people, and the most advanced methods in termite inspections and termite control measures. We use a comprehensive range of modern products, latest technology and equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, wall cavity cameras and sounding tools in order to detect and destroy termites.

We firmly believe in delivering the best service and paying attention to each and every costumer. Whether you need a pest inspection, professional insect control or simply need advice we are here to assist. And so, if pests have become a problem in your home or office and you would like to find out more about our safe, effective and affordable solutions, please contact us today and we will be delighted to help you.


  • An accident waiting to happen

    With summer fast approaching, now is the time to take a good hard look at your deck and verandah. Visibly it may appear to be in good condit

  • Pythons in the roof

    One of our termite inspectors entered the roof space of a suburban Sydney home and was amazed to find the discarded skin from a large python

  • DIY termite & pest control?

    If your home is being invaded by pests then you have a couple of choices. You can either seek professional services from a pest control comp

Why should you choose us?

we offer

  • Flexible prices
  • Up front quotes
  • No hidden costs
  • 23 years industry experience
  • Local knowledge
  • Services safe for children and pets.

we are

  • Honest and reliable
  • Prompt and courteous
  • Helpful and efficient
  • Clear and transparent
  • Experienced and professional
  • Fully licensed and insured.

we don’t

  • Over charge
  • Tell stories
  • Employ subcontractors
  • Keep you waiting for hours
  • Make a mess
  • Use unsafe products.

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